Gourmet preserves
of artisan tradition

By choosing our products, you share in our mutual commitment to sustainable and respectful fishing.

Our tinned products are based on artisan tradition, from the very moment the raw material is sourced, right through to its packaging, all the while integrating culinary avant-garde methods and ensuring the highest standards of quality. In each tin, we highlight both the attributes and potential of the product and its environment, disseminating the genuine culture which is associated with its origins.

We select for you the best fish and seafood in limited productions, guaranteeing they come from the best areas of Galician Estuaries (ES). Each species is obtained at the moment of its optimum flavour by professionals who have a lifetime of experience working in the sea and it is immediately processed by expert hands to preserve its qualities ensuring maximum freshness.

This combination of factors allows us to achieve excellence in tinned seafood products. When you open one of our tins, allow yourself to be wrapped up in an experience of the senses of BOU DE VARA.

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